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Mirka Abranet Max

Maker: MIRKA

Category: Net Abrasives

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Key Features

Saves time Less downtime in changing belts.

Eliminates clogging Last longer than traditional paper abrasives Saves money

Practical Universal product for a wide variety of materials.

Easy to use The belt has no arrows for direction on the backside, which means it can be run in both directions.

Perfect finish Create a finer scratch pattern resulting in a better surface finish.

Côol cut Minimise the risk of overheating the sanded surface or burning the belt.

Abranet Max is a universal net abrasive suited for a broad variety of sanding applications and is especially developed for the wood industry. Due to the net structure it resists clogging on resinous wood types or soft materials and the sanded surface stays cooler and avoids burning. The tough aluminium oxide grain gives a high cut rate on harder wood types and materials. The symmetric net structure enables an efficient cut and stock removal. Lower pressure is needed and a more consistent surface finish means minimal quality variations in the process when sanding with Abranet Max. The product offers an extreme long lifetime compared to conventional abrasive belts, which results in fewer belts being needed to complete the job and also cost savings and time efficiency because of less downtime in production due to changing of belts. The product is also well suited for applications where water is used as cooling agent.


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